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The World’s 5 Tastiest Accidents

Frozen yogurt spoons

There are some foods, drinks and sauces that are so good you think they had to have been planned out but were, in fact accidents. We may think of summer as being synonymous with ice cream and ice cream cups with lids but the former was made by mistake. Thanks to the New York Daily Newsandnbsp;we have this list. Here are some stories to go with some delicious things that were not made on purpose.

  1. Popsicles were invented by an 11 year old child. When Frank Epperson went to bed on a cold, winter’s night in 1905, he did not realize that he had left a cup of flavored soda water out on the porch of his California home. In it, was a tasting spoon. In the morning, it was frozen solid. It took him 17 years to try to show his invention to others. Everyone loved them so he tried selling them at a local amusement park, where they went over very well. That prompted him to get a patent. He would later regret it when he sold his patent to the Joe Lowe Company. From one flavor, there are now 26 flavors of popsicles and people enjoy them all over the world.
  2. The ice cream cone replaced ice cream cups with lids as a solution to a shortage of cups. Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant, was selling his desserts in ice cream cups with lids at the St. Louis World’s Fair. He had a good problem. His ice cream was selling fast. HIs problem was that he ran out of the ice cream cups with lids and needed to come up with a different way to sell the frozen treat. His neighbor at the fair was Syrian concessionaire, Ernest Hamwi. Hamwi was selling pastries that looked a lot like waffles. Hamwi rolled his pastries into cones, let them cool and the two started selling ice cream cones, according to the International Dairy Foods Association.
  3. Potato chips were invented to annoy a picky diner. French fries were popular at the Moon Lake Lodge Resort. One night a customer walked into the Saratoga Springs, New York restaurant and ordered them. He was upset because the fries were “too thick.” The chef was a man named Crum. Crum made a batch that was thinner but the finicky eater was not impressed. After a second go at it, Crum made paper thin fries, according to the Snack Food Association. Not only did this satisfy the customer but Crum saw that this may be a product in its own right and started selling “Saratoga Chips.” They gained popularity and started popping up on grocery shelves in 1895.
  4. Coca-Cola was invested as a medicinal drink. We may think of it today as a refreshing beverage that can settle the stomach, it was considered to be medicine when it was developed. John Pemberton is credited with creating andldquo;Pembertonandrsquo;s French Wine Coca” in 1886. This alcoholic drink was developed to treat a wide variety of problems. Unfortunately for the Georgia native, prohibition was not far away and he soon had to develop a non-alcoholic version. He added carbonation because he thought it was a nice alternative to the booze. Early Coca Cola had cocaine in it. While this was meant to be medicine and not refreshment, it started being served as a drink at counters all over the area. When Pemberton died, the formula was bought by Asa Griggs Candler. Candler marketed the drink as a tasty beverage and that is what it is known as today.
  5. Corn Flakes started out as ingredients for granola. W.K. Kellogg and Dr. John Harvey Kellogg were making vegetarian granola for sanitarium patients when they made a mistake that would lead to the creation of Corn Flakes. One night, they were cooking wheat berry. They left it in the oven too long and the kernels started to flake. They took that and played with several different grains and cooking times until they perfected the flakes that we all know and love today.

Whether it was taking a treat from ice cream cups with lids to cones or changing a medicine into a beverage, most people are happy that these accidents happened with such tasty results.