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Top Ways to Use Vanilla Beans For Your Next Sweet Craving

Did you know according to FDA specifications, pure vanilla extract contains 13.35 ounces of vanilla beans per gallon during extraction? It’s no wonder vanilla is often filled with so much flavor. Organic vanilla beans are great to use in almost any dessert. From cupcakes to chocolate, it gives it a great flavor you can’t get from anywhere else. These whole vanilla beans will help you in just about any situation. We’re listing the top five ways to really use it to your advantage next time you’re craving something sweet.

1. Vanilla Sugar or Salt

Using organic vanilla beans to create vanilla sugar is a great way to up your dish to the next level. Instead of using regular sugar to add sweetness, using vanilla sugar will help you add flavor without making it too sweet with regular sugar. But if you want something salty, you can use a similar process to create vanilla salt. It’s delicious on top of cookies, but also on vegetables if you’re looking to add a hint of sweetness.

2. Roast The Beans

If you love coffee, considering using organic vanilla beans in your next roast. It adds a great flavor without having to put in any extra flavor. It’s one of the best ways to make your coffee. If you’re more of a tea person, considering steeping the beans to make a tea. Mixing it with another tea can help create a unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Whipped Cream

Have you ever wanted vanilla-flavored whipped cream? By using organic vanilla beans, you can add the seeds directly from the beans in any whipped cream recipe to create your own. It helps add flavor to whipped cream and make your dish more memorable. You can also do the same thing to frosting if you want to add something special to your cupcake.

4. Olive Oil

Most people are used to vanilla in sweeter dishes, but have you ever considered making olive oil with your beans? It’s used in a number of dishes you might’ve never expected, like ice cream or gelato. It helps add a savory complexity you just can’t get with traditional ingredients.

5. Jam

In case you’re looking for some vanilla flavor in your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, use vanilla beans to bring it to the next level. It will help balance out some of the heavier flavors you often see in jam. For instance, if you’re planning on making a jam using something acidic, adding vanilla can make it sweet and savory at the same time.


Convinced yet? There are so many great uses to vanilla beans to use in your dishes. It’s a great way to get cooking or baking without having to use something too unfamiliar. Next time you’re looking for something new, add organic vanilla beans to your recipe.